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Friday 29 September at 7 pm (PT)

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Tao Science
From Despair to Hope to Manifestation

Many people around the world are feeling despair at this time, and some have lost hope. But there is a path from despair to hope to manifestation!

There is a way to manifest the world you desire to experience. There is a way for you to create the life you wish, and are meant to live. This pathway is through Tao Science.

Join Dr. Rulin Xiu, a Certified Leading Teacher of the Tao Academy™ and Quantum Physicist on Sunday October 1st. In this half-day immersion, discover the secrets and root cause of challenges, and reveal a pathway to transform them, in the infinite Field of manifestation.


You will venture into the scientific and ancient spiritual wisdom and be introduced to a unique combination of spiritual practices and modern self-healing techniques to empower you on your journey to manifest your desires. All this takes place online in the presence of several Tao Chang Fields, created by Tao Calligraphies, to help you move towards your goals.


Being in these Tao Chang Fields could help you transform your health on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. In addition, the Fields will increase your frequency and vibration which will allow you to proceed on this unique manifestation journey.


Dr. Rulin Xiu will guide us with her experience and help us attain a pathway to accelerate this creation process. There will be opportunities to dramatically increase your own Field and transform many challenges in your life by receiving special services to quicken this journey.

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You'll Explore...

  • The root cause of blockages to recognizing and moving forward on your journey
  • How to transform a blockage at the root
  • ​Self-healing techniques that can be used by anyone - anywhere
  • ​What is a Tao Light Transmission
  • ​What is the power and significance of a spiritual transmission for your journey to reaching your highest potential
  • ​…and so much more.

Free webcast Introduction on:
Friday 29 September at 7 pm (PT)

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“Everyone and everything in the world is the Divine's love - I realize that bathing in the Divine's love is all I would ever want and need”  - Rulin Xiu

What is a Tao Chang Field


When you join this Tao Science presentation you will enter into  the “Tao Chang Field” (Source Field).

This Field has a powerful vibration and frequency that will support your personal journey. For the full event you will experience the effects of the many Tao Chang Fields that will be present in the room.

What are Tao Chang Fields and how do they work?

Quantum science shows us that everyone and everything has a vibrational field. These vibrational fields are made up of positive and negative information.

Positive information vibrates at higher levels. It nourishes, uplifts, and expands you. It contributes to greater health, clarity, purpose, happiness, flourishing wealth, thriving relationships, and more.

While negative information vibrates at lower levels and creates disharmony in the soul, heart, mind, energy, and body. This leads to things like disease, financial struggles, relationship problems, physical challenges, and more.

Our vibrational fields carry a combination of positive and negative information that affects every aspect of our lives. When we carry too much negative information, we experience blockages in discovering and moving towards our desires.

During Tao Science from Despair to Hope to Manifestation, you will be immersed in the Tao Calligraphy Field of positive information that can transform negative information in your vibrational field.


Discount for registering early ends
15 September (midnight Pacific Time)


Meet Your Teacher

Dr. Rulin Xiu is a Certified Leading Teacher of the Tao Academy™ and Quantum Physicist. Berkeley graduate quantum physicist Dr. Rulin Xiu is co-founder of Tao Science and co-author with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha of the books Tao Science: The Science, Wisdom, and Practice of Creation and Grand Unification and Soul Mind Body Science System.


Tao Science provides a way to unify science and spirituality at the fundamental level. It leads to advanced quantum information healing technology. It can help one transform at a deeper level, not only physical sickness but emotional, mental, and spiritual challenges, as well as relationships, finances, and every aspect of life. Dr. Rulin is dedicated to helping transform and awaken people to their higher potential, greater power, and the deeper meaning of human life.

Dr. Rulin Xiu

Tao Chang Practitioners Team


Established Follow Your Heart Wellness in Burnaby BC and offers Soul Healing Services, Soul Readings, classes and monthly retreats. He has received several certifications through the Tao Academy™ including Tao Chang Practitioner, Master Teacher,  Kuan Yin Lineage Holder, and Tao Calligraphy Practitioner and more. He serves the community by spreading Tao Wisdom and Services.

Mark Soparlo

Dr. Monique Giard

Cynthia Hamilton

Is an experienced trauma therapist and clinical counsellor and offers healing and transformation at the core of the issues. As a Tao Chang Practitioner, Master Teacher, Kuan Yin Lineage Holder, she serves clients around the world with soul readings and spiritual services

Sara Baker

Terry Ferguson

Athena Ferguson

Is a certified Master Teacher, Tao Calligraphy Healing Field practitioner, Kuan Yin Lineage Holder, Tao Calligraphy Practitioner by the Tao Academy™. In high school he felt the suffering of people and sought inner peace. He studied, practiced  and taught meditation and learned many healing modalities. He is empowering people in their personal and business lives as well as their spiritual journeys with his wife Athena through their Soul Healing business in Vancouver.

Is a transformational coach and owner of a Health and Wellness business with husband Terry. They offer consultations, soul healing services, retreats & classes. She has certifications through Tao Academy™ including Tao Calligraphy Healing Field Practitioner, Teacher, Kuan Yin Lineage Holder, Tao Calligraphy Practitioner and more. She is empowered by her decades of training to help people alleviate their suffering and reach their highest potential.

Sara Baker is a Certified Master Teacher, Tao Chang Practitioner, Kuan Yin Lineage Holder, and Tao Song Master Practitioner of Tao Academy™.
With a lifelong interest and involvement in the arts and healing, Sara has made Tao Healing Arts her focus for serving clients through her Soul Voice Services business.

Is a Certified Master Teacher and Practitioner of Tao Academy™ A health researcher and project leader for more than 30 years, her journey with Master Sha began when she experienced his powerful modalities to recover from an MS-like condition that had ended her athletic career. Cynthia is honoured to inspire others toward their highest potential through classes, workshops, and private sessions.

Tao Science:
From Despair to Hope to Manifestation

Half-Day immersion & transformation

Sunday 1st October 2023 - 12 to 5 pm (PT)
Join us on Zoom webcast

25% discount available until 15th September (midnight Pacific Time) - register soon!

Every registration will receive:

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5 Tao Chang Fields

Half-Day immersion to be inside Five Tao Chang Fields (Source Fields) that carry a pure positive field of information, frequency and light. Created by sacred Tao Calligraphies that give us access to a very high healing vibration - to be present online will be a gift to your journey to reach your goals.

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Scientific and ancient sacred wisdom plus modern techniques to give you a pathway to reach the Tao (Source) - ultimate manifestation potential. Discover how you can be empowered further and opportunities to receive special services to help reduce the blockages on your path to transform. Plus access to view the replay of the entire event!

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Access to a daily practice session to keep you focused on your goals and help build the foundation that will move you further on the transformation journey. These group sessions accelerate your ability to manifest the changes you are seeking - Plus
bonus webcast session the following week after the event.

Online only with Zoom webcast

25% discount automatically applied until
15th September (midnight Pacific Time)

Free webcast Introduction on:
Friday 29 September at 7 pm (PT)

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